At New Look Kitchen & Bath Co., our reputation is about more than award-winning designs—it’s about award-winning service. Since 1981, our kitchen & bath design expertise has shaped homes in Front Royal, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

We ask questions that other firms don’t. We take extra measures to verify jobsite details. We go out of our way to make sure you have the perfect kitchen or bath. We’ve even tracked down hand-painted tiles to match a discontinued line one client selected for a kitchen backsplash. Isn’t it time your home had a new look? Find your perfect kitchen with New Look Kitchen & Bath.

Certain phrases are accepted—a perfect circle, perfect score, perfect day. We’re determined to make “perfect kitchen” as accepted an expression.

The collection of individual details forms the whole of your kitchen or bath. If even the smallest part isn’t just right, your entire room is bound to be less than perfect. That’s why we treat every detail with the utmost importance.