For 20 years the staff at New Look Kitchen & Bath Co. has taken great pride in the creative and functional rooms they have created as well as the relationships they have built with their customers. Their dedication to excellence in design has resulted in more than just sales and design awards—it has resulted in happy clients.



The Piplani’s found out about New Look Kitchen & Bath Co. from passing our store location. Their overall rating for our timeliness, customer service, cleanliness of work site, communication, and satisfaction with the project was a perfect “10”. We met all of their expectations. The Piplani’s would specifically like to mention Joshuah, Arissa, and Ben’s great work. They would also highly recommend using us again and tell their friends and family about their new kitchen designed by New Look. “I love my kitchen,” Deborah Piplani.

Deborah Piplani, Front Royal, VA



Dear New Look Kitchen and Bath,
The Warren County Department of Social Services and our children in care would like to thank you for your donations. Your generosity not only gave our children gifts for Christmas, but it also showed that they come from a community that cares. This act is something that is priceless to our children.
Thank you so much for your support.

Melanie Trabosh
Senior Social Worker
Foster Parent Trainer



Dear Kelley and Terri,
May God Bless you this Christmas season and throughout the New Year.
Thanks again for all you have done this year to make our new house a beautiful home. We love the kitchen and baths. We know everyone will be congregating in the kitchen and that’s fine because it’s the heart of a home. It’s been a real pleasure working with you and John. He is a real craftsman. I would love to have you over for coffee after we move in so you can see the finished work.

John & Irene Clouden



The New-Look craftsmen did an excellent job from start to finish. Each one was an expert, from tearing out the old bathroom to putting the finishing touches on the completely transformed new bathroom. Each day, the site was left clean–no tools or materials left lying around. Each person was professional and pleasant to deal with.

Karen Young, Front Royal, VA



Dear Kelley,
We’ve been using and enjoying our new walk-in shower for about a year and half now. That’s plenty of time to have gotten thoroughly spoiled. Even most nice hotel showers now seem pale in comparison. Typical of comments from friends who’ve seen it is: “I want one of those.”We are very happy that you pointed out and convinced us of the error of our ways when we initially asked you about walk-in tub arrangements. There isn’t any way they could match the ease and convenience of using the installation we have. We should also mention that we were very pleased with the installation process. It was extremely well managed and went as advertised. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Our best wishes to you and your staff for a wonderful Holiday season.

Peg & Bob Thoresen, Strasburg, VA



“I hired New Look Kitchen and Bath as the chief contractor on a major interior restoration of an 1827 family farmhouse (www.theinnatmountvernonfarm.com). There were a multitude of challenges including working with other contractors, complete bathroom redesign, structural reinforcements, period lighting installation, and functional redesign of workspace. The results were nothing short of brilliant. Kelley has an exceptional talent for making the most of any space. It felt like we had hired a contractor, an architect, an interior designer, and a business manager all at once. Her communication skills are light years past any contractor I’ve ever worked with. We were kept up to date on every aspect of the project. Her subs always seemed to know exactly where to be and when to be there. The workplace was left in immaculate condition at the end of the day. We stayed on budget and we finished on time. I could not give a stronger endorsement. If you would like to visit the inn here in Sperryville, I would be more than happy to show you around”

Cliff Miller – Owner
The Inn at Mount Vernon Farm



We are so enjoying our new bathroom. It is not only functional, but beautiful also. Please relay my thanks to all of your people who worked on the project. We are impressed with the quality of the work. Your design made the best possible use of the limited space available. We look forward to enjoying the space for years to come.”

-Joan Brubaker, Front Royal VA



“Thank you so much for your help in achieving my dream. A year ago, I was contemplating selling my home and moving to a smaller house. However, due to the housing market, I decided to upgrade my current home, starting with the kitchen. Thanks to you and your staff, I finally have my perfect kitchen.”

-Misti Harmon, Front Royal, VA



“Thanks again for all you have done this year to make our new house a beautiful home. We love the kitchen and baths. It’s been a real pleasure working with you and John. He is a real craftsman.”

John and Irene Clouden, Manassas VA



“Thanks so much for the beautiful cabinets! Wow! We are having our very first Thanksgiving here at the house, now that we have a beautiful kitchen to show off!”

Ron and Brenda Kremer, Front Royal VA